Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services – Making the service matter?

Do you have problems locating your employees? Utilize our human resource services to identify the best candidates. MPTransformation is one of the professional and experienced service providers in providing Human Resource Services.

The workplace is evolving. MPTransformation is aware of the importance of people in generating profit for organizations. With a grasp of the local difficulties and expectations, our human resource service team in Cambodia provides executive search and selection as well as human resources consulting solutions.
By utilizing human capital, our human resource service can help to improve business outcomes.

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Human Resources Service Intergration


Payroll services & HR policies are becoming a new outsourcing trend in Vietnam. This type of service has helped many businesses save in terms of personnel and wages, along with smooth operation.
With a team of experienced professionals, MPTransformation is proud to be the leading Payroll service provider in Vietnam. We are committed to handling payroll management work to ensure deadlines, comply with the law, and be transparent.


According to a report by Deloitte, about 80% of businesses in the country and around the world are actively cooperating with Staffing Services providers because of the unexpected benefits that this outsourcing service brings. bring. Among those suppliers, MPTransformation is considered a reputable and quality human resource leasing company in Vietnam.
With a team of highly specialized personnel, MPT always adheres to commitments on deadlines, costs, along with clear and transparent legal requirements, so that customers can feel secure when using our services. If your business is facing problems such as a lack of human resources, unsatisfactory quality of human resources, etc, MPT’s staffing service is worthy for you to learn and care about.


Outsourcing human resource recruitment services is a trend of many businesses at the moment. Undeniably, people are always the most valuable resource of an enterprise. However, how to attract the right personnel is still a difficult problem, especially in this volatile labor market period.
We always want to find the right candidates for the business, with the same development direction. To do that, the company may have to invest a lot of money and time, and of course not all units have the capacity to do so.
At this time, outsourcing human resource recruitment services is a wise choice. This type of service was formed based on the support of a company specializing in human resource recruitment, which has helped many units optimize costs, time and effort to expand their business.


In recent years, HR Solution Consulting Service have been used by many units to optimize human resources. In fact, in order to run a business smoothly, human resources are the core factor that determines most of the business and development strategies.
However, problems related to this puzzle will often occur, especially with newly established companies, small and medium-sized companies that do not have an experienced human resource management team, even large corporations with a huge number of employees.
MPTransformation is proud to be one of the leading HR consulting service providers in Vietnamand in the world with distinct advantages in the market, taking customers as the base. We are committed to providing you with transparent services, complying with the law and ensuring deadlines and quality

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